Inspiration for the weekend

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Some links that helped me find calm, beauty, and inspiration this week:

Practicing slowness. One of my intentions for this year.

Speaking of intentions: what intentional living means.

How to make your travel & adventure goals sustainable throughout the year.

And my favorite intention for this year: being fearless.

This traveler’s vegetable curry looks delicious.

The many benefits of outdoor play in kindergarten.

What schools could use instead of standardized tests (so many better ideas!)

Three amazing blogs about teaching inquiry and critical thinking:

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Inspiration for the weekend.


The flowers are blooming like crazy around here, and I never can decide which I like better, the spring bloom or the summer. I’m grateful for both. Here are some links to help start a beautiful summer weekend.

Food packaging materials contain a lot of iffy chemicals. Yikes.

Any idea how much water it takes to grow ONE almond? A gallon. Crap.

A beautiful tribute to dragonflies, my mom’s favorite insect.

There’s a lot of junk food at the School Nutrition Conference. I used to work for an organization that promoted healthy school lunches, and articles like this make me cringe.

How to ride a bike in a skirt! So awesome!

11 TED talks to give you wanderlust (as if I need more help in that department).

One of my favorite genres to read, as a non-scientist, is fiction books about scientists/naturalists and the adventures they have (think Barbara Kingsolver and Ann Patchett). Turns out a lot of other people do too. Here’s a whole podcast on it.

On having one priority to help organize your life.

On living the simple life.

Inspiration for the weekend


Amazing interview with Sylvia Earle, the first person to walk on the bottom of the ocean.

I used to think I was a complete extrovert, but as I get older I realize that I am much more in the middle of the extrovert-introvert continuum. So I appreciated this article: Six health lessons everyone can learn from introverts.

Rules to live by.

Delicious eats to try: Carrot salad with tahini and crisped chickpeas / Zucchini pickles / Peach and roasted vegetable salad.

The problem with pre-eating. <– I do this all the time. Chips and hummus are my weakness.

The quote above.

Inspiration for the weekend

Inspired by these blogs, I’ve decided to bring back my “Inspiration for the Weekend” tradition. One of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings is sit with a cup of coffee and read inspirational articles that I find on the blogs I follow, as well as Pinterest, Tumblr, and other websites. This ritual helps me to slow down after a crazy week of teaching, and makes me focus on what’s important. There’s so much out there to learn and absorb, so I want to begin sharing some of my favorites again. Here’s what I’ve been reading, making, or doing this week.

52 lists. An awesome list-making/journaling project for 2014.

These easy, quick (and healthy!) banana peanut butter chocolate cookies.

A great way to use up cabbage: Curried cabbage in mild yogurt (I ate it with tofu and jasmine rice which was a perfect combination)

When you’re feeling self-doubt and a lack of motivation.

This podcast on the economics of well-being (aka money can make you happy up to a certain point but it’s better to spend it on experiences rather than things)