Inspiration for the weekend.

slownessHow to meditate daily. (Hint: Just do it for two minutes. A new goal of mine for the spring.)

This weekend officially starts my half marathon training. My goal is to run it in 2 hours flat. Here’s the plan I’m using.

Since I’m obsessed with overnight oatmeal, I can’t wait to try this recipe for how to make steel-cut oatmeal in jars.

This slowcooker Thai butternut squash soup was delicious. (Since I am a spice wuss, I took out a little of the Thai curry paste. I also served it over rice to make it last longer.)

14 handy links for waste-free living.

Exciting school food news: Universal school meals, aka free lunch for all kids, if your school qualifies.

I’m about to start my worm compost unit in my class! Here’s a good link to teaching about worms, composting, and gardening in the classroom.

Inspiration for the weekend.


RIP Pete Seeger

I resolve nothing (or, why not to set unrealistic resolutions about yourself at the beginning of the year).

Two podcasts all about fermentation!

One of my favorite authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (who wrote Americanah), talks about the danger of a single story. About judging someone before you know them.

Chewy chocolate cookies with Junior mints. My favorite cookies from Emily Eats Sweet Treats.

The definitive guide to homemade hummus. A very helpful infographic.

The February wellness calendar from Back to Her Roots. I print these off each month and hang them in my kitchen.

Inspiration for the weekend

Inspired by these blogs, I’ve decided to bring back my “Inspiration for the Weekend” tradition. One of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings is sit with a cup of coffee and read inspirational articles that I find on the blogs I follow, as well as Pinterest, Tumblr, and other websites. This ritual helps me to slow down after a crazy week of teaching, and makes me focus on what’s important. There’s so much out there to learn and absorb, so I want to begin sharing some of my favorites again. Here’s what I’ve been reading, making, or doing this week.

52 lists. An awesome list-making/journaling project for 2014.

These easy, quick (and healthy!) banana peanut butter chocolate cookies.

A great way to use up cabbage: Curried cabbage in mild yogurt (I ate it with tofu and jasmine rice which was a perfect combination)

When you’re feeling self-doubt and a lack of motivation.

This podcast on the economics of well-being (aka money can make you happy up to a certain point but it’s better to spend it on experiences rather than things)

“Yoga is for self-obsessed control freaks”

Just discovered Marika Richoz’s food/health/life blog. First post I read, “Yoga is for self-obsessed control freaks,” made me laugh out loud. It basically captures exactly how I feel about yoga. My favorite part:

Focus on my breath? Boring.
And I go to the gym everyday, why am I not as flexible as this guy in his 50s who is 20 pounds overweight?
I bet I could get a better work out doing Pilates.
I hate camel pose. I feel like I am being strangled.
When is this class over? 
There are some of us who go through life with self-confidence and a good grasp on who we are, what makes us tick and how to get there.  
Then there are some of us who are constantly looking for answers. Answers to why the hell we are so sensitive and how we can fix all our perceived character flaws. We are usually eccentric perfectionists .We play amateur psychologist to ourselves and everyone around us.
And then we get into yoga. 
It offers up the prescription we have been looking for.