Inspiration for the weekend.


The sunflowers are still in bloom all around, which makes me happy. Here are some links for the weekend:

A take no sh*t list for your well-being. You are a vigorous being of worth – plant your feet, own your brilliance and show up to this world by being in service to yourself with these nine steps.

To eat: Chipotle sweet potato and brown rice egg skillet. It was delicious.

My new idea for family communication this year: weekly letters home, with family resources attached. Here’s my Pinterest board with the resources I have gathered so far.

Why teaching “respect” won’t end violence for women.

What do we teach when kids are dying? #MichaelBrown  How do we become a more just society? How do we get better than this?

Inspiration for the weekend


Amazing interview with Sylvia Earle, the first person to walk on the bottom of the ocean.

I used to think I was a complete extrovert, but as I get older I realize that I am much more in the middle of the extrovert-introvert continuum. So I appreciated this article: Six health lessons everyone can learn from introverts.

Rules to live by.

Delicious eats to try: Carrot salad with tahini and crisped chickpeas / Zucchini pickles / Peach and roasted vegetable salad.

The problem with pre-eating. <– I do this all the time. Chips and hummus are my weakness.

The quote above.

Inspiration for the (long) weekend.

hemingwayYou probably have too much stuff.

Choosing the “healthiest” sugar…when really, all sugars are sugars.

Teaching kids kindness by having a Kindness Jar in the classroom.

Delicious eats: Spring green risotto with peas and asparagus / Cauliflower and roasted chickpeas / Rhubarb oat quick bread

I’m always looking for blogs and articles to further educate myself on social justice issues. Here’s one from NPR’s “Code Switch,” about race, culture and ethnicity in America.

Inspiration for the weekend

allthegoldenlandsI travel to feel lonely…on purpose. What farm-to-table got wrong.

A fascinating idea of how we need to cook with the whole farm. (Farmers spend years making healthy soil by growing cover crops, but most of those cover crops just go to animal feed. If there was a market for buying those crops, farmers would make more money.)

What you think “organic” means may be different than what it actually means. (Basically, it means the food is only 95% pesticide-free. For the other 5%, they can use any chemicals approved by the USDA. Of which there are quite a few.)

40 of the best science podcasts for mobile learning. Having never studied science, I’m always looking for ways to improve my science knowledge so I can teach it to my students.

My current obsession for lunches: Kale avocado wrap.

One of my favorite radio programs has two awesome shows this week: Rethinking Schools and The Secret Language of Plants.

I used this book a lot when I was teaching at a nature center, and I forgot it existed! So now I want to get it. Growing Up Wild: Exploring Nature with Young Children.

Inspiration for the weekend.

slownessHow to meditate daily. (Hint: Just do it for two minutes. A new goal of mine for the spring.)

This weekend officially starts my half marathon training. My goal is to run it in 2 hours flat. Here’s the plan I’m using.

Since I’m obsessed with overnight oatmeal, I can’t wait to try this recipe for how to make steel-cut oatmeal in jars.

This slowcooker Thai butternut squash soup was delicious. (Since I am a spice wuss, I took out a little of the Thai curry paste. I also served it over rice to make it last longer.)

14 handy links for waste-free living.

Exciting school food news: Universal school meals, aka free lunch for all kids, if your school qualifies.

I’m about to start my worm compost unit in my class! Here’s a good link to teaching about worms, composting, and gardening in the classroom.

Inspiration for the weekend.

Go running

I have the picture above as my computer desktop. It’s so hard to get motivated to run when it’s this freaking cold. So I’m doing all I can to inspire myself. Here’s some more inspiration that I’ve found lately:

The winter abundance bowl from My New Roots. Beautiful recipe that I make so frequently.

Advice to us all: Stop reading this blog post and go do stuff.

The truth is that everyone can do yoga.

The banjo player I am currently obsessed with.

A new favorite recipe blog (aka food porn).

Countdown until spring.

Teacher books I want:

And last but not least, my newest resource for teaching inspiration. This book seriously got me motivated to change how I structure my classroom to make it more full of wonder and curiosity. And it’s free to download! Cultivating Joy & Wonder: Educating for Sustainability in Early Childhood through Nature, Food and Community

Inspiration for the weekend.


RIP Pete Seeger

I resolve nothing (or, why not to set unrealistic resolutions about yourself at the beginning of the year).

Two podcasts all about fermentation!

One of my favorite authors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (who wrote Americanah), talks about the danger of a single story. About judging someone before you know them.

Chewy chocolate cookies with Junior mints. My favorite cookies from Emily Eats Sweet Treats.

The definitive guide to homemade hummus. A very helpful infographic.

The February wellness calendar from Back to Her Roots. I print these off each month and hang them in my kitchen.

Inspiration for the weekend

Inspired by these blogs, I’ve decided to bring back my “Inspiration for the Weekend” tradition. One of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings is sit with a cup of coffee and read inspirational articles that I find on the blogs I follow, as well as Pinterest, Tumblr, and other websites. This ritual helps me to slow down after a crazy week of teaching, and makes me focus on what’s important. There’s so much out there to learn and absorb, so I want to begin sharing some of my favorites again. Here’s what I’ve been reading, making, or doing this week.

52 lists. An awesome list-making/journaling project for 2014.

These easy, quick (and healthy!) banana peanut butter chocolate cookies.

A great way to use up cabbage: Curried cabbage in mild yogurt (I ate it with tofu and jasmine rice which was a perfect combination)

When you’re feeling self-doubt and a lack of motivation.

This podcast on the economics of well-being (aka money can make you happy up to a certain point but it’s better to spend it on experiences rather than things)